Pump Up Your Protein Intake

For anyone hoping to be fitter and healthier, protein should not be neglected. Our bodies need it to build and repair tissue, keep metabolisms boosted, and make body chemicals such as enzymes and hormones. Experts advise eating between 0.5 grams and 1.0 grams of protein per pound of your body weight each day. You may strive for the lower end if you are mostly sedentary, and the higher end of the range if you are active as a general rule of thumb. In this post we will explore some of the many benefits of a protein-rich diet.

Benefits of Protein

  • Improved muscle mass – Dr. Axe shares on his site that eating enough protein prevents muscle atrophy and improves muscle recovery and synthesis after strength training.
  • Feel fuller – According to the Poliquin Group, eating enough protein keeps you feeling full and satisfied longer, and with fewer calories than carbs.
  • Improved bone health – Kris Gunnars of Authority Nutrition dispels the myth that protein is bad for your bones. In fact, studies show that people who eat more protein are more likely to retain bone mass as they age.
  • Improved Immune Response – Proteins are necessary for the body’s self-defense system, giving it the ability to detect antigens. Visit organicfacts.net for more.
  • More Fat loss – As pointed out on muscleforlife.com, your weight loss goal is about fat loss, not muscle loss. A protein-rich diet supports fat loss while preserving muscle.

Protein sources include, meat, poultry, fish, diary, eggs, soy, and whey. Be sure to get adequate amounts of protein in your daily diet!